White A6 notebook with silver dots

A Gift From The Gods Dotty White A5 Journal

A Gift From The Gods Dotty White Weekly Planner

A Gift From The Gods Dotty White Weekly Planner

A Gift From The Gods Slogan White Round Keyring

*Playful and practical womens lifestyle accessory for todays stylish goddess

*Double sided white & silver text image is distinct and eye-catching

*Round pendant fob key chain

*Solid, durable and smooth texture glass mounted dome design

*Magnified effect to the image

*Beautiful weight - lovely to hold in your hand

*High quality split ring attachment to clip on easily and securely

*Length (including chain): 10.5cm

*Width: 3.5cm

*Height: 1.1cm

*Weight: 29g


When it comes to gift giving or finding that personal final addition to make the day sparkle and shine, elegant keyring fobs have that perfect extra jewellery touch.

You may want something to make keys more accessible within the hidden depths of an oversized handbag, but we also like the idea of styling up one or more to the strap of a handbag or a purse zipper for an altogether personalised key ring look. Bright and clean colours ensure your keys are always easily spotted.

The metallic silver design on a clean white background is simply elegant: for the goddess who likes stylish simplicity.