Write Your Own Way – Introducing New Arrivals To Our Stationery. . . Pencils

Are you a scribbler of dreams or recipes? A dedicated doodler? Or just a Goddess who is always ready to note down important ideas? Whatever and whenever you write, we have a new arrival that deserves a place on your desk. Beautiful A Gift From The Gods pencils to complement each of our distinctive design stories. From easy neutrals in grey and navy to tropical pinks and greens, we have a stationary set that will inspire you to write or draw your own way. Step inside our stationery closet and find your perfect match. #AGiftFromTheGods

Designed for Living

The essentials that we use every day set the tone for how we live. Surround yourself with the dull and the drab and that’s how you will feel. Here at A Gift From The Gods, we are obsessed with adding a little heavenly magic to the objects we surround ourselves with. Stationery is one of those essentials and our new collection of pencils shows just how much beauty you can bring to the simplest of objects. Our four pencil collections are designed around a carefully curated colour palette and embossed with #AGiftFromTheGods in glittering metallics. Try our hot and heavy, Calligraphy Tropical Pink Pencil Set in sumptuous summer shades to add a pop of colour to your desk as the temperature rises.


Draw Like You Mean It

Drawing is one of the most relaxing ways to spend your time. Whether you’re a natural artist or more of an imaginative doodler, drawing is a great way to unwind and escape from the pressures of a busy life. It’s also a useful way to release your natural creativity in all the areas of your life. From solving that complex problem at work to figuring out your busy schedule, drawing can help your brain to look at things in a fresh way. And with our new collection of must-have pencils, there has never been a better excuse to put pencil to paper and get sketching. Find your inner artist with the soothing A Gift From The Gods Geo White Pencil Set, designed in simple neutrals and embossed with a silver print.


Show Your Desk Some Love

Does your desk deserve a makeover? Is it more piles of waste paper and old coffee cups than creative chic? Get office gorgeous with our stationery collection including our favourite new arrival, A Gift From The Gods pencils. In just an hour or two and armed with your favourite A Gift from The Gods stationery you can create a total workspace transformation. We think this candy coloured Dream Odyssey Stripe Aqua Pencil Set is the ideal way to add a little freshness and colour to your desk. These pastel bright pencils are the perfect accent for your office set up. It’s time to start your #DreamOdyssey

Are you looking for stand-out stationery? A Gift From The Gods has you covered. We have everything you need to keep your life at work and play in perfect order. From journals and notebooks to weekly planners. Hop on over to our online store and #GetYourGoddess on with our stunning stationery collection. We can’t wait to see you there.