What’s Your Stationery Style?

Discover your stationery match with A Gift From The Gods

Stationery is one of those essentials that makes the world go round. It helps us get things done. The favourite pen that’s always in your handbag when you need it. The notepad on your desk which contains all of your best ideas. Or the planner which has your whole year sectioned out into neatly organised time slots. But just because great stationery is an essential part of our toolkit, it doesn’t mean that everyone’s stationery needs are the same. In fact, every Goddess needs something a little bit special from her desk or handbag stationery essentials.

We took a closer look at some of the different stationery styles, to help you discover what you need to be a #StationerySuperstar.

If you plan your day in regimented fifteen-minute slots, then you could be an organisational type. You’re never late, your flat is always painfully tidy, and if your friends need someone to organise a hen or a birthday party, you’re at the top of their dial list. Organisational Goddess, you always get the job done.

Stationery Essential: The A Gift From The Gods Dotty White Weekly Planner. The fresh white and silver design will help you keep your schedule in perfect balance.

Hey there dreamer. What’s it like up there in the clouds? You’re the creative type. You love art, music, and travelling to far-flung corners of the globe. Your friends love that they never know where a night out with you will end up – from secret cocktail bars to hidden jazz clubs. Even if you have never been on time in your life.

Stationery Essential: You don’t need stationery to tie you down. You need it to set you free. Capture all of your amazing ideas in this Dream Odyssey Dreams Aqua A5 Journal.

Phew. Your contacts list could fill a novel. You love people and your weekends are packed with parties, events, and trips away with a crowd. It’s hard to keep up with your boundless energy and you feed off the vibes of a busy room. If you’re the ultimate people person you could be an in-demand Goddess.

Stationery Essential: A mini notebook is the perfect size for your favourite crossbody and you can use it to scribble down the names of all the new people you meet. Grab the Get Your Goddess On Crowns Blue 3 Mini Notebooks set to up your #Stationery appeal.



You’re the toast of Instagram. A fashionista who always wears it well. You live, eat, and breathe fashion and your friends love your unique street style and amazing vintage finds. Everything in your life has to have just the right aesthetic, from your accessories to your stationery, and your look is always perfectly polished.

Stationery Essential: A dazzling Calligraphy & Hearts Hot Pink A6 Spiral Notebook. It’s going to look great in your next flat lay. 

Whatever your stationery style we have your perfect match in our online store. Be a #StationerySuperstar with #AGiftFromTheGods.