It’s that time of year when we start dreaming of sunnier climes. Of white sandy beaches and clear blue seas. But before you hit the pool and start to unwind you probably have a mountain of holiday tasks to get through. From organising transfers to wrestling with an overflowing suitcase, there always seem to be a million last minute tasks to tackle before you can finally relax. It doesn’t have to be this way. A little organisation goes a long way and there are a few easy ways to up your planning game in style. Read on for a couple of our favourite tips on reducing holiday stress (oh, and some of our favourite holiday accessories too!)

All those little details you need to get right to plan your dream odyssey will seem much less intimidating once you get them down on paper. From deciding on your adventure to arriving at your holiday destination, make sure you sketch out all your plans well ahead of time. Create holiday to-do lists with a timeline of the things you need to achieve and when. A clear and easy to follow plan will help you relax in the run up to your holiday. Of course, this task is much more enjoyable with beautiful stationery!


Turn your travel planner into a thing of beauty by choosing one of our gorgeous stationery options. We think this Aqua Dream Odyssey Notebook would be the perfect travelling companion. It’s the colour of an inviting ocean with a gold star print that adds more than a little glam to your trip. Double up your travel planner as an inspiring travel journal to get the most from this pretty #stationery

Pack Smart

Holiday packing can send the most sensible stylista off the rails. Best laid plans turn into chaos as you end up bringing almost everything you own, just in case. Step back and have a chat with yourself. There is nothing fun about paying extra baggage charges or wading through rivers of clothes to find your bikini. Organise your clothes according to day and time to create a fashion timetable that won’t leave you with too many options when you arrive.


A good rule, especially for sun holidays is to keep things light. Light as a feather clothes and accessories will keep you blissfully cool and squeeze into tight packing spaces. Our summer sleepwear is the perfect way to minimise your travel weight. This A Gift From The Gods, Grey Cami and Brief Set is stylish, comfortable and the perfect option for long summer nights. Keep accessories on the light side too by leaving your jewellery box at home. We have the most gorgeous summer bracelets to take you from beach to bar and beyond. Our dainty, woven thread, Sea Blue Bracelet is the only statement piece you need. Find your #dreamodyssey with lightweight #summerjewellery and sleepwear.

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