The Pyjama Principles – at Xmas

Follow these relaxation rules this festive season.

Forget the Christmas party. It’s time for a pyjama party. And you’re the guest of honour. Whether you’re relaxing at home, getting ready for a big night out, or just wrapping presents in front of your favourite film – it’s always a good time for great PJs. And here at A Gift From The Gods, we have everything you need to keep your nightwear game strong. Come #GetYourGoddessOn in sumptuous satin or super-soft loungewear. Make sure you take care of your favourite pyjamas and maximise your PJ time this Christmas by following our ultimate pyjama principles.

Explore our festive pyjama principles below and make sure your holiday season is restful and stylish.

1. Care for your satin pyjamas the right way.

Satin PJs are an indulgent treat. So, you want to keep them looking beautiful as long as possible. Make sure to wash them on a cool wash or ideally by hand to keep them lovely. Then iron them on the coolest setting, inside out, or use a steamer to keep them crease free without damaging the delicate fabric. Satin can also absorb your favourite lotions and body treatments leading to staining, so make sure you have given your favourite moisturiser time to sink in before sliding into your PJs. Tempted to update your pyjama collection before Xmas? Our Purple Satin Pyjama Shorts Set is boldly beautiful in purple satin with gold piping. A drawstring bow waist means you can adjust to the perfect fit for you while the stylish pocket embroidery lets everyone know you are #AGiftFromTheGods.

2. Indulge in a pyjama day whenever you can this Christmas.

Perhaps the most important rule on this list. A full day of relaxation, gorgeous PJs, and Christmas films! Yes, please! Make sure you pencil in at least one day during this holiday season that is all about you. And for a day of pure indulgence, you need the right loungewear. Our Crown Blue Pyjamasin stylish navy come complete with gold crown print to celebrate your inner style. The soft fabric is designed to keep you comfortable whatever your perfect day at home includes. From lounging on the sofa to decorating the tree, and creating perfectly wrapped gifts.


3. Make pyjamas your go-to wear for getting glam.

Whether it’s your annual office Christmas party or an exclusive NYE ball, getting ready for a special event should be a ritual. A long bubble bath. Your favourite beauty products. And an amazing playlist. A special night deserves special PJs, so you can feel like a superstar before you step out of the house. Our Black Geo Satin Pyjamasare the perfect way to add a little luxe to your pamper time. The silver geo design in sumptuous satin feels effortlessly glam whether you are going out or staying in. And they come gift wrapped with love, so you can #ShareThatSparkle.

Ready to indulge in some glam new PJs? Come explore our online store to find loungewear and sleepwear fit for the goddess you are. Your nightwear collection is about to get a whole lot more fabulous. And keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming PJ giveaway. We can’t wait to #GiftSomeLove to you this Christmas.

The 12 PJs of Xmas

You’ve heard of the twelve days of Christmas right? The period between 25thDecember, Christmas Day and January 5th, sometimes known as Epiphany (January 6th). And we’ve all heard the carol song, The Twelve Days of Christmas with gold rings, lords-a-leaping and a partridge in a pear tree.

Well, here at A Gift From The Gods we’ve created The 12 PJs of Xmas because this is a great time of year to be wrapped up at home in your favourite pyjamas, be they a glamorous satin set, soft cotton vest and shorts or luxe loungewear. Choose a different set each day to match your mood, whether watching festive films all day or getting ready to go out partying.

We’ll be posting images of a different set of pyjamas each day from December 25thright through to January 5thto showcase the best pyjamas to relax in this festive season that will carry you through to the New Year in comfort and style.

And to celebrate the launch of our campaign, on the last day we’re giving one lucky goddess the chance to win all 12 sets of PJs, worth £325! What a way to start the New Year. Check out our Instagram @agiftfromthegods to be in with a chance to win.