New Year, New You: Get Your Goddess On

It’s 2018! And that means one thing – all over the world people are starting out on new fitness regimes as they attempt to fight off some of the dreaded Christmas bulge. But how do you keep hold of that new year motivation and make sure you stay happy and healthy all year round?

A Goddess knows that yo-yo dieting and too many intense workouts will leave you unhappy and unwell. Instead, she maintains a balanced eating plan, stays active and realises that keeping her mind healthy is every bit as important as a fit body. She even indulges in the occasional treat every now and then! The key to keeping your new year health kick on track is a sensible approach, that puts you first. Find our top tips for finding (and keeping) a new you in 2018 below.

A Healthy Mind = A Healthy Body

It’s impossible to drag your body into shape if your mind isn’t along for the ride. You need to love yourself whatever your shape and size. Practicing mindfulness is a great way to find the headspace you need to create a truly healthy lifestyle. And the great thing is you don’t need any fancy equipment to do it. Just find a quiet space, empty your mind and focus on steady, slow breathing. You will be amazed at how invigorated it can leave you. Discover your #Goddessinspiration with a quiet mind.

Look Great While You Work Out

If you hit the gym or the pavement in your tired old leggings and an ancient vest top then you won’t feel your best-self. And if you don’t feel great you are unlikely to perform as well as you can. Instead, choose comfortable, high-quality loungewear or activewear to improve your workout performance. Wear our Raw Edged Grey Loungewear Trousers and Dream Odyssey Top to feel like a goddess in dance class or on the yoga mat. Pick breathable materials in easy to coordinate styles to always look gym ready. #Getfit in style in 2018.

Go at Your Own Pace

Going from nothing to an intense workout regime is likely to lead to injury, while drastically cutting calories will leave you feeling lethargic and miserable. Take a caring, moderate approach and make small changes that stack up to a big difference. This is especially true if you are coming back to healthy living after a long break. Gradually replace foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar with healthy, fresh options and gently up your activity levels every day. This gentle approach is far more likely to lead to long-term success.

Keep a Workout Diary

It’s easy to lose motivation as you move through the first few weeks of a workout and keeping track of what you have achieved can make all the difference. Use a workout diary not only to keep track of your vital statistics but also to keep a journal of your hopes and aspirations. Looking back over your progress will help you stay on track when it comes to fitness. One of our beautiful A6 notebooks makes the perfect workout journal. We love this simple Inspiration Daily Planner Journal A5 Notebook with Gold Crown Design in Dark Blue with Get Your Goddess On print. Keep track of your success with #agiftfromthegods

Make your #newyearnewyou resolution a lasting change. Visit A Gift From The Gods today and indulge in the little things that can help you find long-term success.