Dream Odyssey – For The Goddess Who Seeks Her Own Odyssey

The Dream Odyssey collection is packed with sea, sand, and adventures. Its colours reflect warm sand, crystal clear oceans and open skies full of possibilities. This is a collection that will help you unlock your goals and bring your dreams to life. Luscious aqua, creamy taupe, and a glittering gold star embellishment come together to create a soft, natural aesthetic that feels endlessly inspiring.

Where will your dreams take you? Whether you’re planning an odyssey of your own or are striving to reach a career or personal goal, we all need a little dreaming in our lives. This is what the Dream Odyssey Collection stands for. It embraces the power of fantasy, encouraging you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore your true potential.

Summer is a time when we often set our sights on our next adventure, when the travel bug takes hold and we set off to explore new parts of the world. If you know a friend who is an adventurer, then surprise her with a beautiful and practical travel journal from A Gift From The Gods. Our Dream Odyssey collection is the ideal stationery for the stylish adventurer.


A vest pyjama set in fresh aqua blue makes the perfect travelling companion while star adorned notebooks are a great place to plan your adventures or capture precious memories. Take a little Dream Odyssey with you wherever you go, remembering to hold those daydreams close and never stop working towards your goals.

The Dream Odyssey Goddess is a bohemian at heart. A wanderer who wants to experience everything the world has to offer. Whether she is planning her next bungee jump or an epic around the world trip there is never a dull moment with this Goddess. She is a natural beauty, always glowing from her latest escape. She loves relaxed style that doesn’t hold her back and likes to explore her inner hippie chick when it comes to fashion. A natural storyteller, the Dream Odyssey goddess always has a new tale to share with her friends and family.

Step into your next adventure with Dream Odyssey. Discover the gorgeous colours and dreamy designs in this very special collection today.