A Gift From The Gods – For The Goddess Who Likes Stylish Simplicity


Our A Gift From The Gods collection is about clean lines and classic style. Designs are created in purest white or subtle neutrals and embellished with metallic silver detailing. The look is elegant, chic and timelessly beautiful. This is a heavenly design collection that will take you anywhere.

Imagine a cool marble floor or soft delicate silk. An empty white sand beach. The A Gift From The Gods collection is infused with an easy calm that helps you to find your inner tranquillity. It’s about a moment of stillness – a moment just for you. Lose yourself in the peaceful elegance of this simple and stylish collection.

The A Gift From The Gods collection includes super soft loungewear, accessories, and nightwear alongside beautiful stationery. All created around a classic design aesthetic that fits seamlessly into your busy life. From a perfectly balanced cami set to cosy cotton PJs and sleek notebooks. This is a collection to live in perfect harmony with your world.

This Goddess is strong, calm and always collected. Her style is classic, built on gorgeous tailoring and beautiful basics. She always looks effortlessly cool, choosing timeless style over fleeting trends. She has a capsule wardrobe to admire and is a master of understated chic. She is the friend that always has the answers and is your go-to agony aunt. Her power lies in her inner serenity and strength, tackling any challenge at work or at play with quiet grace and determination.

A Gift From The Gods can help you unlock your stylish Goddess. Step into a pool of peace and harmony as you accessorise with these beautifully simple designs.

Explore the collection today and discover timeless style and design that can enhance your every day.