A Gift From The Gods Celebrates National Stationery Week

Get desk fabulous during this celebration of all things stationery from the 29thApril 2019 to 5thMay 2019.

Good stationery matters. It’s more than a way to make a hurried note,or scribble a quick doodle on the go. The marks we make have meaning. They are part of us. That’s why we are so excited to share some of our favourite stationery products with you ahead of National Stationery Week and shout about the #WritingMatters campaign. Sure, digital communication is useful, but taking the time to write a letter, a card, or a note, to write a journal entry or share our dreams on paper, it’s something special. And we want to embrace that in all its handwritten glory.

Grab some new stationery today and make your mark this National Stationery Week.

Get Your Journal On

Journaling is the perfect way to embrace stationery every day, providing a quiet space for you to plan adventures and share your dreams. At first, it may feel strange to write down your daily thoughts, but it soon becomes a ritual that can help you decompress and unwind. Of course, #TodaysGoddess needs a beautiful journal. Our Calligraphy Hopes Pink A5 Journalis pretty in pink and the perfect place for planning or bullet journaling.


Plan Pretty

Ever feel overwhelmed by your schedule? We have all been there. And a desk planner can help to save you a whole host of scheduling headaches and allow you to let some lovely stationery into your life. Our weekly planners are a big hit with our favourite goddesses. Grab the Get Your Goddess On Crowns Grey Weekly Planner to show off your inner ambitions and keep your life in check.

Pencil Style

Stationery is about much more than giving good paper. Your writing tools matter just as much as your notebook, journal, or diary. Here at A Gift From The Gods, we have a gorgeous collection of pens and pencils for you to explore. Our Calligraphy Tropical Pink Pencil Setis a great way to up your desk appeal with its bright and beautiful collection of A Gift From The Gods gold-embossed pencils. Or if you’re looking for some extra ink, the A Gift From The Gods Geo White Pen Set is swoon-worthy in silver.


Write Everywhere

Make sure you always carry your favourite stationery to sketch, scribble, and make important notes. The perfect notebook should not only fit perfectly into your bag, it should look amazing too. Our mini notebooks are small but mighty and the perfect way to write on the go. Our Calligraphy and Hearts Pink 3 Mini Notebookslets you show your softer side, with 3 charming purse-sized notebooks in shades of pink and decorated with gold embellishment. Never miss an opportunity to write down that killer idea you had on your commute or over coffee again.


Find your #GoddessInspiration in the A Gift From The Gods online store and update your desk to celebrate National Stationery Week. We have everything on your stationery wish list.