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Our newest limited-edition A Gift From The Gods Tote Bag has arrived and you get it for free right now.

Tote alert! Tote alert! This is not a drill! The arrival of a new tote bag is always a cause for celebration in the A Gift From The Gods office. And our new plum-hued tote is no exception. We love the deep autumnal colour with flashes of gold and we know you will too. And the very good news is it could be yours for absolutely nothing at all. That’s right, nada. It’s a total freebie. All you have to do to get your hands on one is to sign up to our newsletter. No strings (or price tags) attached. Simply head over to our signup page and we will send it straight to your door. What’s not to love!

Already deciding what to wear with your exclusive A Gift From The Gods tote? Get inspired below.

Already deciding what to wear with your exclusive A Gift From The Gods tote? Get inspired below.

Berry Gorgeous

We love all the warm berry and wine-coloured shades that turn up in into our closet each autumn. They remind us of fallen leaves, chilly nights cuddling cups of mulled wine, and the best of the autumn/winter catwalks. So, it’s no surprise that the newest addition to our limited-edition tote family dazzles in plum. Gold lettering on the front lets everyone know that you are A Gift From The Gods while the reverse side reminds you to always #ShareThatSparkle. It’s a practical tote that will take you to the shops, to class, or to the gym without missing a beat.

How Will You Show Yours?

The toughest decision is how to use this on-trend tote bag. Do you partner it with black to add a splash of colour? Layer it against caramels, browns, and other autumnal shades for a seasonal look? Or mix things up by adding it to a slate grey palette. One of our favourite things about this special bag is its adaptability. You can wear it your way, and make it part of your unique look. But however you choose to use it, it’s sure to be one of the stars of your personal fashion show. Oh, and it’s not just a pretty face. It’s practical too. The perfect size for throwing in shopping, stationery, beauty essentials and everything you need to be your best self.

Grab It Before Its Gone

The great news is the newest A Gift From The Gods tote bag is completely free and available now. The bad news is that there are only a limited number available. And judging by the popularity of our previous totes, they are likely to disappear fast. So, don’t delay. Run, don’t walk over to our newsletter signup, and make sure you’re at the front of the tote queue. We really don’t want you to miss out!

What are you waiting for? Hurry over to our signup page and make sure you get your hands on our newest tote. And why not spend a little time exploring the A Gift From The Gods store while you’re there? Just think of all the gorgeous goodies you could fill it with!