At the height of the 90's dance music scene, club nights run by blokes were springing up everywhere, they pretty much had it all sewn up. But, we thought, we can add some sexiness, some sparkle.

"People were promoting ladies' nights for the small but growing number of female DJ's and it sounded like a darts match which was not sexy. I wanted to promote my female DJs and my company was VenusApollo and A Gift From The Gods just came to me as they were talented, beautiful and sexy with a bit of independent attitude"

Jane Reucroft
Founder of A Gift From The Gods

At our club tour nights for female DJ's, fashion conscious female clubbers asked for our T-Shirts with the A Gift From The Gods logo on so we printed more up and said yes, here you go. We're still at it and the range has grown with us!

7 years on and the collection has evolved with us our customers now love our handbags, belts, T-Shirts, purses.

We Believe

That there's a Goddess in every one of us, and we believe in treating each other with kindness and respect.

It's great to hear from our customers we get some fantastic e-mails from you and the replies on our customer contact cards really make our hearts soar! On a dull or difficult day, reading the things you write make it all worthwhile. We've posted a few about (with the writers permission, of course) as they are too good not to share.

If you ever feel like it, contact us e-mail, post, or even call we enjoy talking to our customers too!


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